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Casing head housing


  • Slip-on weld CQS-SW with O-ring

    Standard O-ring is available with CQS-W bottom connections suitable for 10-3/4” or smaller casing preparations requiring no welding. For larger than 10-3/4”, an external welding will be required. In addition, this connection contains a 1/2” line test ort to validate the integrity of the welding and O-ring seals. 

  • Box Thread CQS-BT

    CQS-BT casing box thread is offered for the applications in which threaded connections are specified for casing heads,(casing housing box X casing pin thread).In this case,the casing outer diameter shall be standardized.

  • Slip lock CQS-SL

    CQS-SL bottom connection is a simple slip assembly requiring less installation time because welding is not needed.Elastomer P seals will be provided above the slip assembly,to make slip work under a pressure of 10000psi and be repeated for more than one well.