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Casing hanger


CQ-G series Casing Hanger offers you more options for hanging various types of casing strings according to different working conditions and customer’s demands, therefore Slip type and Mandrel type are available to meet the requirements.

  • CQ-G6 Casing Hanger
    CQ-G6 casing hanger is a wrap-around slip assembly suitable for pressure 5000psi, with hang-off capacity at 70% of pipe body yield and a load 15000lb required for CQ-G6 to set seal.
  • CQ-GS Gravity Self-Seal Casing Hanger

    Gravity self-seal casing hanger is relay on its gravity to set seal.

  • Mandrel Casing Hanger

    CQ-GM casing hanger is with a weight energized metal seal to affect a positive annular seal which is maintained by lockdown screws, Mandrel type features in achieving a completed metal-to-metal seal.