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Hydraulic actuator is a part of the safety system, it will automatically shut down the fluid floating with the loss of pressure while in case of an incident, and will allow the floating of fluid restored with the re-building of pressure.
  • AE Electric Actuator
    AE electric actuator is advantageous against the hydraulic actuator in two manner
  • Hydraulic Actuator

    The advantage of the single-piston lies in minimizing the fluid amount necessary for larger power spring to provide quick closure. AH actuator is available for rising and non-ring stems upon client’s requirement. The actuator has a lower ring threaded to bonnet simplifying alignment, wear rings to eliminate galling, two visual position indicators to allow easy view during full travels of gate valve, large drain plugs for inside-cleaning. The housing of AH actuator works as protective cover for safety. It’s easy to convert on site and for maintenance. AH actuators works in 2000 to 20000psi API WP system.

  • Pneumatic Actuator
     AP actuator is a piston design, the actuator system is available for an operation of gas, compressed air, nitrogen or well gas.