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Tubing hanger & tubing spool with feed through system


MSP/DRILEX Feed through systems for ESP well, have been meeting the needs of the perfroleum industry with reliable insulation and seal functions for use in harsh environments.

Working Principles and Structure

● MSP/DRILEX Cable feed through system can transit power underground,with stainless steel shell, acid and oil resisted components, it can be usd in H2S environment,and temperature range could be -18°C~121°C.

●The Cable feed through system can let the cable pass through tubing hanger and adapter flange of wellhead, with three O rings it could be fixed in the tubing hanger.

Advantages and Features

●NO internal threads in the tubing hanger or crossover adapter

●Easy Alignment of feedthrough and mating connectors

●Fast make up and revmoval

●Easy to retrofit used hangers that are currently prepared for threaded penetrators.

●5kV, 3000psi,300°F up to 160amp。