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Casing head housing


Casing Head is at the bottom of wellhead which acts as a support to the whole wellhead system, and the bottom is connected to the surface casing strings for hanging while holding casing hanger inside. MSP casing head is a double 45° shoulder design that is used for all types of well completions and depth, and compatible with all MSP serial Casing Spool and Casing Hanger. Casing strings are suspended through one of the shoulders, while the lower shoulder in the casing head supports the casing string independently, the upper shoulder supports the pack-off and test pressure. Either studded or line pipe outlets can be processed in the body.

Design Features:

l  Straight-bore design provides a reduction of the bowl damage while drilling and prevents test plugs, wear bushing and casing hanger from wedging, which will help an easy drilling and installation.

l  Lockdown screws are used to prevent the movements of Wear Bushing and Casing Hanger. They are available due to client’s option and vary from different sizes of flanges.

l  Outlets on the body are available for either studded or pipe line, and studded outlets have an option of valve removal threads.

l  The CQS casing head is available for three types of bottom connections: