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Integrated compact wellhead and horizontal tree


It is widely used in the world and develop with fast pace, which replace the old wellhead as well as old oil-extraction wellhead. It is easy to be accepted because it can not only meet the old wellhead performance and function but also be equipped with some important advantages and feature.

Advantages and Features

Lower Height

●Ease of Operation and Maintenance - Due to lower height, no scaffolding operations are required. This will ease site production, management, operation and maintenance activities.

●Ease of Site Installation - Site installations are conducted on ground to improve the work efficiency.

●Ease of Leakage Detected - Usually leakage arises from the valves and connections along production lines. For old wellheads of large overall sizes, leakages arising from production lines are difficult to detect. But for compact wellheads, any leakages are at sight of operators and easy to detect.

Efficiency Improved

Less Shut-down, High Efficiency - Conveniences for site preparations, production, daily management, operations, work-over and maintenances will improve efficiency, minimize shut-down, cut down loss and improve incomings.

Ease of Work-over

With production lines are below top flange, work-over operations can be conducted with removal of production lines.

Cost Saving

● Cost Saving - thanks to no removal of production lines for work-over operations, a great deal of time, tools, cost of replaced parts and materials will be saved compared to removal of production lines from conventional trees.

●Cost Saving of Site Preparation and Maintenance-Site preparation will be finished on ground requiring no scaffoldings and tools. Only common portable tools and surface operations are required for maintenance of valves. A great deal of cost will be saved thanks to no large cranes required.