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MSP/DRILEX’s available inventory of L ram BOPs ranges in bore size from 7 1/16” to 26 3/4” with working pressures up to 15,000 psi. The L ram BOP offers filed-proven reliability in sealing around drilling pipe and across open hole and for shearing drilling pipe. The models, available with single, double and triple ram sets and hydraulic or manual operation are suited for virtually any worker, drilling, producing application. These BOPs are suitable suitable for surface drilling and well intervention, designed and manufactured to the requirements of API Specification 16A and 6A

Special Features
• Designed and manufactured per API 16A specification
• Manufactured per NACE MR-01-75 for H2S service
• Available in bore size 7 1/16” thru 26 3/4” and in working pressure from 2000psi thru 15,000psi
• Available with single, double and triple models
• Flanged or studded connections are available for end connections and side  outlets of most models. Call for connections available.
• Ease of installation and maintenance, few replacement parts
• Flanged or studded connections are available for end connections and side outlets of most models
• ALL major artesian parts are adopted high quality alloys to keep safe and dependable
• Field-replacement bonnet cylinders, seals and pistons
• Uniquely secondary ram shaft seals designed.Ram shaft packing protects operating mechanism from wellbore pressure and contamination by wellbore fluid
• Uniquely designed permits either manual or hydraulic operation
• Flat and swing-open doors simplify ram changes .Hydraulic passages are built into the hinges,so doors can be opened without draining fluid or breaking hydraulic connections
• Well pressure assists sealing
• Automatic pipe strings alignment. As rams close, guides on the ram blocks automatically center the pipe string in the wellbore ,even if the string is hanging off center
• Uniquely designed seal element for longer service life .Ram rubbers have a long life in routine drilling operations and in stripping operations and in stripping
• Available with pipe rams, bland rams and variable rams