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MSP/DRILEX offers a complete range of  annular BOPs with bore size from 7 1/16”to 21 1/4” and working pressures up to 15,000psi. The annular BOP utilizes spherical packing element, and its simple, compact design makes it work reliably and steadily.The packing element provides a long stripping life. It is designed especially for surface installations and it is also used on offshore platforms.It is compact,annular type BOPs which seal reliably on almost any sharp or size kellys,drilling pipes,tool joints, drilling collars, casing or wire line. It provides positive pressure control for stripping drilling  pipe into and out of the hole.

Special Features
• Manufactured per API 16
• Working pressure: up to 15,000psi
• Bore sizes: 7 1/16” bore thru 21 1/4”
• Manufactured per NACE MR-01-75 for H2S service
• Studded and flange bottom connections are available
• Utilizes spherical packing element
• Packing element design provides long stripping life
• Strong, simple construction ,only five major parts
• Compact body saves space. Height is 15 to 20% less than height of some other annular BOPs
• Simple hydraulic system.Only two hydraulic connections are needed
• Available in most required sizes
• Packing unit closes on any shape
• Quick packer change out designs
• Field-replacement bonnet cylinders, seals and pistons
• Single piston hydraulic operations has a minimum of working parts. This assures high reliability and low maintenance
• Minimum of moving parts for effcinency ease of maintenance, personnel safety and reduced downtime
• Easy to integrate. All parts with dynamic sealing surfaces in the assembly can be replaced in the field

Annular BOP