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MSP/DRILEX offers a complete range of underbalanced drilling equipments, not only offers rotating BOP, but also rotating control heads. The products primarily include BW series and BG series. They are designed to handle today’s most demanding underbalanced drilling requirements.

The rotating control head is a versatile,rotating stripper rubber which seals tightly around Kelly,drill pipe,drill collar, tubing or casing and other drill string components while diverting dust, mud, air/gas,or steam away from the rig floor. Mud, dust air/gas, or steam is diverted through the side outlet, thus keeping the wellhead and floor area safe. It can be used for drilling in areas susceptible to kicks or blowouts, drilling under pressure,drilling,underbalanced drilling.

The BG series rotating control head is a lower pressure product,while the BW is a higher pressure product. The working pressure of BG series is up to 500psi and the BW series is up to 5000psi. Both of them are rotary or top drive capable and offer unprecedented serviceability of its dual strippers rubbers that are stretch-fit and self-actuating for additional safety,as pressures increase while drilling.

Speaial Features

• Products meet API 16A standard and NACE MR-01-75 for H2S service

• 7-1/16 “bore thru 30” bore

• 500psi up to 5000psi ranges

• Rotary or top drive available

• CNC manufacturing provides repeatable dimensionl control

• Integral body with both side outlet and bottom flange for mounting on BOP

• Stripper rubber available for oil, gas, or fulid drilling

• Easy installation and maintain. All maintenance and replancement of parts for the rotating control heads can be performed with standard mechanics tools.

• Operation of the rotating drilling head is very simple

• Sealed bearing chamber isolates bearing area from contamination

• Uniquely quick-release structure makes it simple to switch between rotating assembly, stationary pipe stripper or to pull the rotating assembly to change the drill bit or stripper rubber.

• Full environmental H2S trim available

• A remote monitoring /control console

• Call for sizes available