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Subsea wellhead system

Subsea production christmas tree


The purpose of the Subsea Production Christmas Tree is to control the flow of hydrocarbon from its respective wells via various control valves and choke, to receiving unit.

The receiving unit can be a fixed or floating vessel or produced via a pipeline to shore. Main functions of the Christmas Tree are:

• To provide a safety barrier between the reservoir and the environment

• Safely stop produced or injected fluid

• Provide a hang off shoulder and sealing area for the tubing hanger and its  seal lements

• Provide locations for injecting chemicals to the reservoir or flowline

• Allow for control of downhole valves

• Allow for communication with downhole gauges and other gauges on the XT

• To allow bleed of /monitor annulus pressure

• Regulate production fluid flow through a choke, where necessary

• Allow for safe well intervention

We are offered the vertical or horizontal type of subsea production Christmas Tree. The design and product features are per the customer requirement.