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Subsea wellhead system

Subsea wellhead system

The MDSW-10 wellhead is a subsea wellhead for applications to 10,000 psi WP. It is cost-effective for working pressure up to 10,000 PSI wells where MSP/Drilex metal-end-cap seals are adequate.

The economical MDSW-10 wellhead is compact, runs casing hangers and seal assemblies in a single trip and features interchangeable weight-set, elastomeric parallel bore seal assemblies. MDSW-10 seals are MSP/Drilex metal-end-cap seals.

Five- or six-string casing options are available. The MDSW-10 wellhead system is available with mandrel profiles, and features a passive lockdown of the high-pressure housing into the 30 inch housing.

The MDSW-10 wellhead offers simple installation procedures. A five-string configuration can be installed with just four cam-actuated running tools, all with right-hand release. MDSW-10 wellheads can be used in either guideline or guidelineless operations.

Basic Specification
ISO 10423
ISO 13628-4
Working Pressure: 10.000 PSI
Temperature Class: U