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MD diverter


The MD22-500 is a diverter with a 22 inch sealing bore and 500Psi working pressure rating.
Its design avoids the functional complexities which increase chance for human error and equipment break down, the causes of diverter malti-functions,rig damage, and injury to personnel.

Structure Feature
• Bore Size:28"
• Sealing Bore Size:22"
• Working Pressure: 500Psi
• Shell Test:750Psi
• Support Housing Bore:47"
• Body O.D.: 49 1/2"
• Close Pressure: 1500Psi
• Opening Chamber Volvme: 24L
• Close Chamber Volume: 50L
• Connection: 1"NPT、1/2"NPT
• Outlet: 14"、8"、3"
• Size: 2520mm×2565mm×2120mm
• Weight: 17800Kg