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MSP/DRILEX  type M rotating BOP, the most important equipment of underbalance drill system,is used for underbalanced drilling and working in high pressure.As a key part of UBD technology, It provides quickly, positive  closure with simple controls, to keep drilling fluids in the hole when normal or abnormal pressures occur. It is based on the normal annular BOP, but it adds the roated function.The bearings and hydraulic fluid path are protected from the abrasive wellbore fluid by high dynamic seals,As a lead equipment of underbalance drilling system, it is designed and manufactured per API 16 specification. There is a wealth of experience in underbalance drilling and workover worldwide, and it is a world recognized advanced and good underbalance equipment.

Special Features
• The rotating BOP, which has the functions of normal annular BOP, can seal reliably on a variety of sharp or size Kelly, drilling pipe, tool joint, drilling collar, casing or wire line as well as close on open hole 

• Packing element desingned reliably for bore
• Utilizes standard spherical packing element
• API 6A top &bottom connection standard
• Integral design, ease of installation, suitable for almost various underbalance drilling
• Pressure in the hydraulic control system could  be adjusted manually to ensure best sealing quality with minimum loss of rubber
• The hydraulic control system pressure is always greater than the wellbore pressure , thus it  prevents the drilling fluid of the wellbore from entering the hydraulic control system.
• The system can preset control pressure and adjust pressure according to the wellhead pressure automatically or manual
• The high pressure accumulator assemblies can shut down the well when the power is off or the well pressure rises abruptly. The system automatic is switched to safe mode and gives an alarm
• Automatical compensates the wear of rubber of packing unit during drilling and maintains sound sealing
• This large reservoir of rubber contributes to the elements long stripping life
• Packing element is replaceable without removal of drilling pipes
• Dedicated hydraulic control unit and remote control panel
• Electronic PLC control unit
• Available with rotary and top drive
• All the electrical devices are of explosion proof

Rotating BOP