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3rd MSP/DRILEX Cup Tug of War Competition


In order to enrich the cultural life of all employees, and enhance the company cohesion and cultured teamwork, 3rd MSP/DRILEX Cup tug of war was held in May 12 in Baoshan site. There are 10 teams participating the game , which is under elimination system. The contest order was decided by the draw.

After two weeks of intense competition, the final match was between the assembly workshop team and the machinery workshop team. May 21, as the game whistle sounded, both players held the rope tight and strived to win. They pulled the rope so hard that their faces and hands turned red. Some even fell down to the ground ,yet they were still holding on the rope. The cheer team beside were waving flags and chanted the athletes names, cheering for them.

After an intense match, the assembly workshop team won the third MSP DRILEX Cup tug of war champion, machinery workshop team won the runner-up. There was a grand ceremony after the match. The manager awarded winning team the cup. Manager encouraged the player to put the team work spirit and the sense of honor into the daily work.


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